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Welcome to the Burr Community Afterschool Program website.

The Burr Community Afterschool Program, Inc. (BCAP) provides enrichment and enjoyment for the children from Auburndale and West Newton communities who attend Burr Elementary School. BCAP serves children between 5 and 12 years of age. The fundamental program goal is to provide a safe, high quality, and affordable after school program. This is accomplished in a safe and respectful environment that offers opportunities for socializing, unwinding, and releasing energy. The staff of the Burr Community Afterschool Program, Inc. plans and implements program activities and special events that support problem solving, critical thinking, communication, social skills and relationship building. The program provides structured activities from which each child may choose, including sports, arts, crafts, free play, drama, music, sewing, jewelry, and Legos. These activities are of sufficient range to appeal to many personalities and interests, are balanced between quiet and active, and seek to extend the child's skills and experiences. Elements of English Language Arts, Mathematics, science, technology, history, socials, health, the arts, and multiculturalism are incorporated into these activity choices. Quiet homework time is available M-TH at 5:00pm.

Attention is paid to each child's emotional and social development. Self-confidence and self-respect are encouraged, as are responsibility, decision-making, and respect for others. Children in BCAP contribute to the development of rules, which place limits on certain kinds of behavior and help to create an environment in which each child's privacy and right to make choices are protected.

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