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Programming and Special Events

Activities, Trips, and Special Events

The staff of BCAP plan and implement all program activities and special events. The activities vary according to the day, but they generally include a choice of free time, gym, art, and games.

BCAP also offers both large and small group field trips throughout the year. Small and large group field trip fees will generally run between $10.00-$15.00.

Special events are an important part of BCAP. These include a Halloween Party, a Thanksgiving feast (with stew), and, in January, a Lunar New Year Celebration. BCAP Olympics are held in February, a Carnival takes place in March, and a Pasta Dinner occurs in April. Events culminate with a year-end show in June called the Creative Convention in which the children have the opportunity sing, dance, and perform.

Kindergarten Program

Kindergartners are the only children at BCAP between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Group time, special thematic units, and a low child-to-staff ratio contribute to the success of this special program. Because of room scheduling of the Burr School, the K program may use the Music/BCAP room or the CAF (depending on the day). After 3:00pm, the Kindergartners move to a classroom upstairs in the Burr School.

Older Kids (OK) Club

The 4th and 5th-grade children have their own area at BCAP. They have opportunities to either participate in the various activities offered daily, or to just socialize with their friends. Many of the older children choose to do their homework at BCAP, freeing up their home time in the evening. The older kids also take field trips and help out during special events.


In addition to BCAP's regular curriculum offerings, "Mini-classes" are offered throughout the year. These classes are project/goal/skill oriented. These classes require children to commit to attending for the length of the class (approximately five meetings). Sewing, paper quilling, photography, Mystery Detective, gardening, musical instrument-making, and book club are some offerings.

Food, Lunch, and Snacks

Occasionally, children will eat lunch at the program. BCAP suggests including fruits and vegetables, low-fat meats, and grains for the meal. Snack is provided to all children in the program every day at 3:00 pm. Snack items include breakfast bars, cookies, crackers, cheese, and fruits. Children are free to snack on fruits and vegetables provided by BCAP throughout the day until 5:00 pm. BCAP staff cannot prepare food or use a conventional or microwave oven to heat up food for children.

On Tuesdays and early release Thursdays BCAP Newton Public School's lunch is not available to BCAP families. You will be assessed a fee of $5.00 if your child arrives to the program with no lunch.

Program Check-in and Transportation

The Kindergarten Coordinator escorts Burr School Kindergartners to the program every day. The program assumes responsibility for the Kindergarten children when they check in with the Coordinator.

Burr children in grades 1-5 arrive at BCAP by unsupervised walk. BCAP assumes responsibility for these children when they check in with the attendance person who is seated at the snack table or with the OK Coordinator who is in the OK area. Transportation is not provided to or from the program.

According to EEC regulations children must be at least 9 years old in order to be dismissed unaccompanied from the program. There must be written permission on file that includes: 1. Dates and times of dismissal; 2. Method of transportation; and 3. Parental responsibility.

The program has the right to rescind the above privilege if the child's behavior warrants the limitation. Your child will not be supervised by staff while s/he is away from the program. The parent is responsible for his/her child once s/he leaves the program.

Health and Safety

A copy of The Burr Community Afterschool Program, Inc.'s full health care policy is available upon request or click here.

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